PCH gets Slunky!!

PCH is grateful to be working with Slunks https://slunksswimwear.com/

Slunks started as a swimwear company based in Southern California but has grown into so much more. "Slunks are committed contributors to the greater collective. Slunks were born from the ashes of failed attempts to recreate the past."

We at PCH love the Slunks mission and have partnered with them to create amazing shorts for anyone who wants to get slunky!

If you want to purchase PCH gear use the link: Purchase PCH swag.

We are offering: (White Shirt - $15) (Grey Shirt - $15) (Sweatshirt - $35) (Slunks $45)

Please put item, quantity, and size. Pay through Zelle: info@pchvolleyballclub.com or check payable to "PCH Volleyball"